Soviet Space Memorabilia

Auction No. 92 is finished.
Saturday, Sep 13, 2014, 12 pm EDT Berlin

Important symbols of freedom and technological advancement characterize this versatile auction. Among the Soviet spaceflight memorabilia, you will find a cognac bottle, signed by the first man in space, Juri Gagarin, who drank from it with other cosmonauts. Furthermore, you will also be able to bid on a tube of coffee, signed by the cosmonaut Pavel Popovitsch after it accompanied him into space. A hand-signed photo album and a moon globe belonging to Yuri Naumovich Lipsky from the year 1967 await you alongside other unique items.


контактное лицо: Виктория Киселева
contact person: Viktoria Kisseleva
tel: +49 30 610 80 61-60

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"The broad variety of items in the auction proved not only to be an attraction for collectors of Soviet spaceflight history, they also drew an international audience. The absolute highlight for me was a fantastic contemporary witness in the shape of a dog space suit, which attained a surprising auction result, thereby suggesting that a solid interest for Soviet spaceflight memorabilia remains.”

Tasillo Römisch, curator of the auction "Soviet Space Memorabilia"


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