Ancient Egyptian and Islamic Art from two Important Collections

Auction No. 28 is finished.
Friday, Nov 01, 2013, 6 pm CET Berlin

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203 users from all over the world participated in last Friday’s auction of “Ancient Egyptian and Islamic Art from two Important Collections”. The indisputable highlight of the auction was the Indo-Persian bronze censer with arabesque decorations, with a starting price of only €220 it sold for an unbelievable €29,712 (incl. buyer's premium). Auctioneer Fabian Markus was pleased with the great result, as was the auction’s curator, expert on Islamic and Oriental art Dominik Mahdavi Azar. 

The incredibly beautiful wooden model boat from the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt started at €18,000 and sold for €44,568 (incl. buyer's premium), while the Ptah-Seker-Osiris statue found a new owner for €8,666 (incl.buyer's premium). 

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"This auction brought many treasures from different ruling dynasties together, showing us the great craftsmanship of times past, from antiquity to the modern era. Among many fine objects that found their way into the collections of their new owners, I was particularly delighted by the sale of the extraordinarily well-preserved ancient Egyptian model boat and the thrilling bidding war over the bronze censer in the form of a lion."

Dominik Mahdavi Azar, Expert in Ancient, Islamic and Oriental Art


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