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How does the valuation process work?

1. Request valuation

Provide us with your contact details, as well as a short description and photos of your item.

2. Expert response

You will receive an initial response within 3 business days.

3. Sell online

Your items can then be sold at auction or in our online shop.

The right expert for every item

Place your works of art in our capable hands

Every day, our in-house specialists, as well as over 300 international Auctionata experts, work to value your items.

From Fine Art, to Luxury Watches, Jewerly, Asian Art, Classic Cars and Rare Wine, our experts specialize is a range of diverse fields, thus providing you with the most accurate valuation possible.

Our experts and specialists curate and oversee our unique live stream auctions, which occur several times per week in our studios in New York and Berlin.

Thanks to our many specialists from diverse fields, we are able to offer exciting auctions, where the expertly selected and high quality items reguarly break auction records.

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A selection of the items we value

Why choose Auctionata?

Auctionata provides a valuation of your works of art, antiques and collectibles with ease and simplicity, online. Our in-house experts, supported by over 300 experts in our global network, specialize in a range of diverse fields and will professionally value your items. You will then receive an initial response within 3 business days. Your item will then be sold, either via our live stream auctions, to an audience of international bidders, in our curated online shop.