5. User account

5. User account

5.1 A user account can be set up free of charge and does not oblige the user to participate in an auction. No entitlement to a user account shall exist. A user account allows a customer to submit simultaneously bids in an Auction via the internet. Additionally, it allows a customer to submit online absentee bids via the internet.

5.2 In order to set up a user account, the following data must be provided truthfully by the customer:

  • Surname, First Name
  • Email address
  • Residential address (or deviating shipping address)
  • Telephone number

Every change of the above mentioned data has to be reported without request via email, fax, letter or by telephone to Auctionata. The user account for a legal identity has to be registered by its legal representative. The user account is personal which means that only individuals are allowed to create the user account and only the registered person is allowed to use it. The user account is not transferrable.

5.3 The customer must specify a password for his user account. The password must be kept secret and reasonable measures must be taken to prevent non-authorized use.

5.4 If there are indications that a customer is infringing laws, rights of third parties or Auctionata’s General Terms and Conditions, Auctionata shall be entitled to temporarily block the user account or to delete it permanently. The above shall also apply even in the event that Auctionata has another legitimate interest in the deletion of the user account. This shall be the case particularly if fraudulent activities have taken place. In the event that the user account has been blocked or deleted, the respective owner is prohibited from using Auctionata’s services via a user account. In particular, this includes setting up and using a new user account.

5.5 A client may have deleted his user account at any time by asking Auctionata’s Customer Service Division to delete it. The Customer Service Division shall delete the data within three working days.

5.6 During the live auction, the current high bidder will be shown to the auction audience. Visible will be the country of residence, the bidding paddle number and the first name of the user. The first name will be anonymized upon request of the user.