The decorative arts – A closer look

Josef Hoffmann, 15 p ‘Mocca’ Coffee Set, Austria, Designed 1933

Understanding decorative arts

The term “decorative arts” is a term which usually refers to a range of arts and crafts; to the creation of objects of beauty but also functionality. This broad term can refer to anything from home décor to illustration to enamel work. It differs from fine art due to the fact that objects of decorative art serve a purpose, rather than existing purely for the sake of art.

As decorative arts pieces were often used for everyday purposes, they are able to provide fascinating insights into the past. The design and decoration of items such as jugs, tables, and carpets are demonstrative not only of how people lived in the past, but also of tastes and trends in fashion and design. They furthermore provide information about technology, about how unique pieces were created, and which materials were favored.

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Anthony Redmile, Buffalo Chair, England, around 1970

Decorative arts auctions with Auctionata

Auctionata takes pride in selling a fine range of decorative art pieces. These items are clearly in high demand at our decorative arts auctions. One such piece in a recent auction was an Anthony Redmile Buffalo Chair from around 1970, which sold for three times its starting price. There are always plenty of outstanding decorative arts pieces to discover with Auctionata.

An outstanding Carlo Bugatti Cabinet in Oriental Style was the star of a recent auction at Auctionata. Bugatti’s work was and continues to be outstandingly unique due to its extravagance, and to the combination of different materials and styles as well as cultural influences. One needs only to look at Bugatti’s work to recognize the exceptional style and quality.

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Collecting decorative arts

Claes O‘Erngren, Commode, United States of America, 1995

Quality works of decorative arts are also good investment pieces, with well-crafted pieces holding their value in the market. Distinguish your home with pieces by notable designers such as Josef Hoffman, Frank Gehry and Claes O’Erngren.

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Gaetano Pesce, “Moloch” Lamp, Italy, C. 1971

Today the internet has made the international market for decorative arts readily available. With Auctionata’s patented live stream auction technology, you can purchase remarkable examples of rare decorative arts items live online. Begin your own remarkable collection with Auctionata today.

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