Uniting spirituality and art in Buddhism

Tall Standing “Mandalay Buddha“, Burma, 19th Century

Buddhism’s stylistic unity

Buddhist art takes on diverse forms with an aesthetic that reflects Buddhism’s spiritual and religious aspects. The art movement dates back some 2500 years and has changed in terms of form and expression throughout the centuries. Nonetheless, all Buddhist art possesses a stylistic unity that can be found in every Buddhist-influenced country.

As well as the religious symbols of Buddhist mythology, such as the lotus flower, the tree of life and lions, figures, sculptures and reliefs of Buddha are central elements of Buddhist art. With the expansion of Buddhism throughout Central, East and South Asian countries, Buddhist art was influenced by and influenced other Asian cultures. Our online auctions offer art lovers the chance to take home objects of high spiritual, religious and art-historical value.

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Culture-historical masterpieces of Buddhism

Arcaya Helmet of Partly Gilt Copper with Repoussé, 19th/20th C.

Testaments to the world of Buddhist art

Buddhist art is a testament to the prosperity and diversity of this culture-historical era. The Buddha figure in particular, created from diverse materials and made throughout various ages and countries, is proof of the positive power of Buddhism and a symbol the art movement’s creative energy. Buddha depictions predominantly show him meditating in the sitting lotus position, with numerous specific details that are strictly stipulated due to their religious importance.

Buddhist art offers much more besides Buddha figures. Buddhist culture has produced other spiritual art objects, including ritual objects, prayer wheels and chains, ritual headgear, valuable bowls, containers, temple drums and horns from Buddhist temples. A wide range of these objects can be purchased in our online shop.

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Buddhist art in the shop

Bronze Shrine, 21 Stations from the Life of Buddha, 18/19th C.

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Gilt Sino-Tibetan Buddha Ratnasambhava in Padmâsana, 20th C.

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Colourful Prayer Wheel with Bamboo
Handle, Tibet, C. 1900

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Buddhist art at Auctionata

Sino-Tibetan gilt Bodhisattva Manjushri, 17th/18th C.

Spiritual art

Buddhist art objects are valuable, spiritual and rare items that prosper on the international art market. They are fascinating testimonies to artistic mastery, radiating harmony, power and spirituality. Although they are clearly determined by their religious motifs, their universal beauty enchant art lovers worldwide.

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Exquisite alabaster Shan Buddha head, Burma, 18th/19th C.

Sentimental collector’s items and safe investments

Past Auctionata online auctions have shown that Buddhist art is as relevant as it ever was. Whether a desired collector’s item or a sound investment, the thrilling bidding wars we have witnessed at Auctionata are proof that Buddhist art is still immensely popular across the world.

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Buddhist art auction highlights

Rare Fire-Gilt Bronze Figure of Buddha Amithaba, China, Yongle

Desirable objects, exciting bidding wars, high hammer prices

One of the highlights of our Buddhist art auction was the fire-gilt bronze depiction of the Buddha Amithaba from the era of Chinese Emperor Yongle (1402-1424). This exceptionally rare object was auctioned off with Auctionata for a staggering €247,600 (including buyer’s premium) – ten times its estimate price.

Another outstanding object was the Sino-Tibetan bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Manjushri, one of the oldest depictions in Buddhist mythology. This 17th/18th century masterpiece came under the hammer with Auctionata for €86,660 (including buyer’s premium). The stone head of Buddha Shakyamuni, dating back to the Korean Silla dynasty (57 BC to AD 935), smashed its estimate price and found a new owner for €23,522 (including buyer’s premium).

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