Preventing and detecting
fraudulent activities

Recently, more fraudulent activity has taken place. We would like to keep the risk of you becoming a victim of such fraudulent activity at a minimum and ask you to take note of the following security rules:

(April 2014)

Contact person:

1. The email address of all emails sent by Auctionata always ends with

2. Auctionata will never ask you for your Paypal-account details.

3. Auctionata does not implement its payroll through Paypal.

4. All current vacancies are listed under the career menu tab on our website.

5. Auctionata does not employ any unsalaried voluntary workers.

6. Auctionata employees will never make unannounced customer visits. An appointment will always be made in advance before we visit a customer.

7. Auctionata employees will always identify themselves with an ID card.

8. Auctionata employees never set up mediation contracts that require an immediate cash payment.

9. Auctionata employees only use their business cards to convey their Auctionata contact details.

10. Employee business cards are subject to the CI of Auctionata.

11. Auctionata always handles customer correspondence confidentially and will never pass customer information on to external/third parties.

Contact person

If you have any doubts or suspect fraudulent activity, please contact our customer service department at straight away.