Auction No. 4 is finished.

Tin Toys, Steiff Teddies and Dolls for Collectors

Friday, May 17, 2013, 6 pm CET >Upcoming Auctions

Last Friday auctioneer Fabian Markus, together with our experts Ursel Alber and Peter Holtz, presented a ... Read more

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"Surely, the value of these “toy stocks” will be appreciated for the simple reason that as opposed to normal stocks, toys decrease in numbers and therefore increase in value. Such a modern and interesting kind of auction, where people can observe and bid live, will therefore be useful in the future! (Peter Holtz)

Working with Auctionata was a very valuable experience for me. The efforts of a competent team, which – especially when behind the camera – go unnoticed by the customer, have deeply impressed me as an expert. This is how work becomes fun! (Ursel Alber)"

Ursel Alber and Peter Holtz, experts in Steiff teddies, dolls and tin toys