Provision of personal data in the online shop

3. Provision of personal data when purchasing items at auction and through the online shop

Auctionata wishes to protect your privacy when bidding and purchasing.

If you participate in an auction by entering the auction room on the website after logging in to your user account, your profile will appear with your selected photo and your first name. You can, of course, enter your middle name or an abbreviation instead of your first name. Apart from this you will remain anonymous.

During an auction, the auctioneer may refer to the bidder by his or her first name or by referring to the bidder’s profile photo and location or by referring to his or her membership/ customer number. The auctioneer may say, for example: “The beautiful rose (profile photo) by the name of Anna (first name) from Berlin (location) has just bid 500 euros.”

When shopping in our Online Shop, third parties can´t see which items you have bought.