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A celebrated development

Auctionata has vision. We brought the boutique services of the traditional art auction house live online for the very first time. Years of experience in the international market mean top quality art auctions, available directly to you.

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Many exciting auctions

Our calendar has exciting auctions lined up. Join us, and expand your collection. Each event is curated by experts and available conveniently online. Find out why online auctions have been breaking art auction records.

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The ideal place

Auctionata's online shop and art auctions are the perfect place to buy and sell art, antiques, and rare items. Experience our live auctions from wherever you may be. Our newsletter will keep you informed about upcoming opportunities.

Art auctions online, curated with expertise

The perfect context

A prosperous online market and Auctionata’s reputation for quality art auctions is an auspicious match. This allows us to cooperate with galleries and private collectors, and to see an energetic turnover of inspiring items. Art arrives at our studios from across the world, and can be delivered to you in any country.

Buy and sell with satisfaction

Both buyers and sellers benefit at Auctionata. Collectors can regularly anticipate all types of art auctions with a diverse selection of rare items. Each piece is hand-chosen by our experts. Sellers profit from an extensive international audience of potential bidders, thanks to our vast online reach. Our auction records give a glimpse of this success.

Professional expertise

At Auctionata, more than 250 experts evaluate, research, and curate our collections. Our in-house photographers, writers, and translators capture every detail. These specialists work to achieve quality results for you: aiming for satisfying returns for sellers, and passing great art into the hands of collectors.

Auctionata art auctions: manage your investment confidently

Effortless valuations and sales

Selling art through Auctionata’s online art auctions is effortless. You can begin today by submitting a request for a free valuation. We offer five free valuations, given by our experts. This takes place conveniently online, without delay. We will contact you within three working days. Naturally, there is no obligation to sell with Auctionata when you have received a valuation.

Complete service and care

Should you choose to sell something with Auctionata, we orchestrate every detail. We organize professional transportation and delivery, and we present your item professionally to our clients around the world. Objects will be offered in our online shop or in one of our online art auctions, with unlimited potential on returns.

State-of-the-art online art auctions

The Auctionata difference

If you would like an art auction with modern convenience, join us for our next event. We have collections ranging from art photography to sculpture, from ancient artifacts to contemporary art.

Each art auction is broadcast live from our studios in New York and Berlin, streaming to the internet in real-time. Follow the action with your smart phone or computer. Bids can be placed using our patented online technology, as well as by telephone, or in writing prior to the auction.

If you happen to be in town, you can also join us in the studios to experience the auction first hand. Likewise, if you would like a personalized viewing of an item, we would be happy to arrange an appointment.

We invite you to discover what sets Auctionata apart.

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