1. Preamble

Auctionata is an auction house which offers high-quality goods on the Internet. They are
auctioned off or offered for direct sale in the Online Shop. All auctions are transmitted in
real time via streaming technology. Auctionata offers second-hand goods from the fields of
art and antiques as well as many other luxury goods.

Moreover, Auctionata offers valuations of second-hand art items and luxury goods.

Integral parts of this Terms and Conditions shall be the Overview of Fees in their currently valid version as well as the tabular listing of the increments specified by Auctionata.


Please note that this website allows you to purchase goods from Auctionata AG or Auctionata, Inc. - a wholly owned US subsidiary of Auctionata AG. Both organizations operate with different Terms and Conditions.

Before any purchase via this website you will have to take notice and have to accept the respective Terms and Conditions which apply for your purchase!

The Terms and Conditions below apply for all purchases of goods at auction or via the online shop in which Auctionata AG acts as the seller.

For all purchases of goods at auction or via the online shop in which Auctionata, Inc. acts as the seller, these terms and conditions apply.

The transaction details can be determined from information on the lot detail page.