Curriculum Vitae


  • Former professor and museum curator of East Asian art
  • Certified appraiser of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese arts
  • MA in Asian art and PhD in Japanese art history from the University of Kansas
  • Author of numerous academic articles and books
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We would like to introduce you to Dr Patricia Graham, Auctionata expert in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Art.

Patricia developed a love of Asian art and culture as an undergraduate where she studied both art history and ceramics. She began her graduate studies in Chinese art history at Columbia University but soon transferred to the University of Kansas to be able to study the famed Chinese and Japanese art collections of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. There, after completing her M.A. degree in East Asian art history, she pursued a Ph.D. in Japanese art history.

Following years of professional experience as a university professor and museum curator of Asian art and culture, in1993 she began working throughout the USA and Canada as an independent consultant and appraiser of Asian art. Her clients include private collectors, attorneys, insurance companies, auction houses, museums, and even the IRS. She is a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA).

Among her most memorable rediscovery is a mammoth pair of Japanese cast bronze panels depicting dragons flying amidst swirling waves by the Japanese artist Okazaki Sessei (1854-1921). A marvel of technical virtuosity and fine design, soon after receiving great acclaim when first displayed at the Japanese exhibition at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 they vanished from public sight.

Complementing her appraising business, Dr. Graham actively pursues scholarly research and has received various prestigious fellowships. Her research interests, about which she lectures and publishes widely, include Japanese literati arts and their Chinese antecedents, transnational styles in East Asian religious painting, Japanese aesthetics and design, the Chinese-style Japanese tea ceremony of sencha, and Japanese painting and prints of Japan's Edo and Meiji periods. The expert has contributed to numerous journals, exhibition catalogues, and authored several books like Faith and Power in Japanese Buddhist Art, 1600-2005 and Japanese Design: Art, Aesthetics, & Culture.

Dr Patrica Graham lives and works in Kansas.