Curriculum Vitae


  • estores antique furniture in his own workshop since 1978
  • Certified handcraft restorer and expert since 2000
  • Editorial member of specialist journal for restoration work: “Restaurator im Handwerk”[Craftwork Restorers]
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We would like to introduce you to Manfred Sturm-Larondelle, Auctionata expert in Furniture of Historicism.

Manfred Sturm-Larondelle has exclusively concentrated on the restoration of antique furniture since 1978. Even in the 90's, various articles appeared in different print media about his workshop and various objects that were restored there. In 2009, there was a feature about his work on the programme RBB-Kultur.

The writer and journalist Detlef Berentzen paid homage to Sturm-Larondelle, when he wrote the short story "Herr des Schellacks" [The master of Shellac].

Mr Sturm-Larondelle has been a certified restorer in handicraft and an expert since 2000. Apart from his practical role, since 2009 the expert is one of six editorial members of the newly conceived specialist magazine for restoration practice "Restaurator im Handwerk" [Restorer in handicraft]. The editorial team was awarded the gold medal at the international Denkmal trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation in Leipzig in 2010.

Manfred Sturm-Larondelle wrote an essay for the art publisher HAAFF in 2012, and various articles about restoration in other media.

He is in the international expert jury for the new book by the art publisher HAAFF "Prachtvolle Stilmöbel: Historismus in Deutschland und Mitteleuropa" [Beautiful period furniture: Historicism in Germany and Central Europe] (a standard work of 720 pages).

Manfred Sturm-Larondelle lives and works in Berlin.