Curriculum Vitae


  • Director of Studio d'Arte G.R. in Italy
  • Published more than 20 essays
  • Organized nearly 50 exhibitions all over the world
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We would like to introduce you to Alberto Pasini, Auctionata expert in Op Art, Italian and European Post-War Art as well as Kinetic Art.

Art dealer and art critic Alberto Pasini inherited his family’s passion for collecting art and developed a strong interest in contemporary art when he started associating with artists and art historians. He has now been part of the art world for ten years.

Mr. Pasini graduated with degrees in Art History and Art Economics in Milan. After working at an auction house there, he moved to London collaborating, as assistant curator, with an Italian public Art Institute. Returning to Italy, he received a master’s degree in Art Market Management. He then relocated to New York where he was affiliated with a well known gallery.

Since 2008 he has been the director of Studio d’Arte G.R. gallery, and also consults for an art investment company. He has coordinated and prepared several contemporary art exhibitions in association with the publishing companies Verso l’Arte Edizioni and Il Cigno Edizioni. His expertise is in Italian post-war abstract art (Afro, Santomaso, Tancredi, Vedova), and in Italian and international Kinetic Art.

Mr. Pasini is particularly passionate about the Venetian art movement “Spazialismo” as well as the Kinetic art groups “GRAV” and “GRUPPO N”. He moves within a circle of artists and curators and counts foundations and public venues among his many contacts.

He has published more than 20 essays and has organized nearly 50 art exhibitions and exhibition catalogues all over the world.

Alberto Pasini lives and works in Venice.