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  • Korean Ceramics
  • Japanese Paintings & Ceramics
  • Chinese Ceramics

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Dr. Sandra Sheckter
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Art historian, curator, lecturer, and scholar
  • Former Curator at the Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture in California
  • Published numerous articles on Japanese, Chinese, and Korean ceramics
  • Educated at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Sandra Sheckter, Auctionata expert in Korean Ceramics, Japanese Paintings & Ceramics as well as Chinese Ceramics.

After completing her studies in Western Art History, Sandra Sheckter travelled to Japan and discovered Asia, its artistic and aesthetic traditions. She moved to London to study with Sotheby’s, which refined her interests in East Asian ceramics and lacquer, and completed her Master’s degree at SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies) at the University of London, writing her dissertation on the collection of Japanese porcelain at Burghley House.

Fascinated by the nature of the export trade in ceramics and lacquer during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Sheckter wrote her doctoral dissertation on Japanese export lacquer as the lens through which to view relations between Japan, England and France and the lasting impact the East had on the West and vice versa.

She left London in 2000 to take on a new role as curator at the Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art (now known as the Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture) in California.

Sheckter has been engaged as a freelance Japanese art historian, curating exhibitions, giving lectures, writing articles, and providing valuations on a range of Japanese art since moving to Switzerland in 2004. She has published numerous articles including exhibition, book and auction reviews on Japanese, Chinese and Korean subject matter.

In her free time she produces her own ceramics using a variety of wheel and hand-built techniques.

Dr. Sandra Sheckter lives and works in Switzerland.