Curriculum Vitae


  • Phd in Porcelain Soft Style Painting under the supervision of Dr. Hartmut Krohm
  • Researcher at KPM’s manufacture archives
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Franca Dietz-Breuer, Auctionata expert in KPM porcelain.

Dr. Franca Dietz-Breuer is an expert for porcelain, especially porcelain from the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM), since the time of manufacture’s establishment in the 18th century until today. Her research work centers on applied arts of the 19th century, historicism and Art Nouveau, and in particular the time of the “third Rococo”, around 1890.

Dr. Franca Dietz-Breuer made a significant contribution to an exhibition on the influence of Bauhaus on Berlin porcelain. Dr. Franca Dietz-Breuer has a particular affinity for porcelain with finepâte-sur-pâte painting. Such objects, adorned with the noble, technically demanding decor technique, were the focus of her master's thesis. The expert is also inspired by porcelain of the New Objectivity, such as the KPM ‘Urbino’ set by designer Trude Petri.

After earning her master's degree in art history and new German philology at the Technical University of Berlin, Dr. Franca Dietz-Breuer was awarded a PhD in art history. Her PhD thesis dealt with a thus far unnoticed area of porcelain history in the age of world exhibitions: the soft style painting.  Her doctoral supervisor, Dr. Hartmut Krohm, was the curator for the KPM's permanent exhibition in 2007 and entrusted her with tasks concerning the set up for the exhibition when she was still a student; thus she became a research assistant in the KPM archive.

Working for many years in the KPM archive and creating an inventory for the Hassan Sabet porcelain collection, followed by her PhD, the technically demanding and esthetically sophisticated decorated porcelain of the age of historicism and Art Nouveau became a subject close to her heart. The expert was able to make many interesting discoveries through exhibition projects and her research on decorating techniques of the KPM. Particularly, the KPM's porcelain painters of the time around 1890/1900, who were great specialists on soft style painting, were introduced to the wider public due to her dissertation.

Dr. Franca Dietz-Breuer is experienced in the art trade and used to work for the “Sabet-Antiquitäten Berlin, Porzellan - KPM und Meißen“ (Sabet Antiques and Porcelain, Berlin). Furthermore, she has worked as a research assistant in the archive of the KPM for many years.

Dr. Franca Dietz-Breuer lives and works in Panketal near Berlin.