Curriculum Vitae


  • Qualified expert for Campbell American Guitars
  • Top guitar salesman at Sam Ash in Ohio
  • Discovered a top Montgomery Ward collectible guitar
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We would like to introduce you to Chris Barton, Auctionata expert in Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments.

Chris Barton became interested in vintage guitars and musical instruments almost fifteen years ago, working in a shop where these items were sold.

He has been the department manager at the regional Guitar Center and the top guitar salesman at the renowned Sam Ash store in Columbus, Ohio. He regularly sources and buys collectible guitars, and can offer qualified endorsements of Campbell American Guitars.

Mr. Barton’s favorite models are by some of the less traditional manufacturers such as Wandre, Eko, and Framus. He derives pleasure in looking into their history, learning how these beautiful works of art were made and the technical artistry which makes them sound the way they do. Fascinating how the type of wood used and the smallest design detail can make all the difference in the sound quality produced.

One of his most memorable finds is a 1937 Montgomery Ward arch-top guitar discovered in a local music store; while researching the guitar he discovered it was made by the Gibson Factory in Kalamazoo Michigan. Gibsons are among the most collectible guitars, and only forty three of these were made at this high-end level.

Chris Barton lives and works in Ohio.