Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 20 years experience as an expert in oriental and Islamic art
  • Comprehensive expert knowledge of the historical and cultural contexts of Arabic, Asian and Middle Eastern art
  • Extensive research skills in Asian and Arabic languages
  • Studied Arabic & Persian calligraphy at the Rawalpindi School of Art in Pakistan and took courses on appreciation of art
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We would like to introduce you to Asad Reza, Auctionata expert in Islamic and Oriental Art.

Asad Reza has been an expert in and curator for oriental and Islamic art for more than two decades. Growing up in a family, which collected antiques for 200 years, the expert discovered his passion for art and antiques at an early age. His father, a historian who focused on the Mughal and Oudh era, passed this historical knowledge on to his son.

After his graduation from the University of Karachi in Pakistan, he worked for several years for the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in the United Arab Emirates, where he gained first-hand knowledge of Arabian culture and traditions. Extensive travels within the Emirates and the Middle East deepened this knowledge.

Asad Reza´s expertise covers a wide range of areas within the fields of oriental and Islamic Art. He has not only a comprehensive knowledge of antiques, fine and decorative art from the Mughal Empire, but also of contemporary art from the Islamic culture and neighboring countries. Additionally, the expert has extensive research skills in Asian and Arabic languages as well as a deep knowledge of the historical and cultural contexts of oriental and Asian art. In 2013, he spent one year in Pakistan to explore and research private collections of art and antiques.

As a consultant and curator, Asad Reza has a broad network of private collectors, institutions and academics. In 2013, he organized an exhibition of Islamic art and antiques in Islamabad, inaugurated by the Australian High Commissioner, which sold out after the first day. Most recently, he arranged an important collection for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and sold a large collection of Mughal silver and gold coins to Spinks in London.

Asad Reza lives and works in Seattle.