Curriculum Vitae

We would like to introduce you to Alberto Levi, Auctionata expert in Antique Carpets.

Alberto Levi was born in Milan, Italy. In 1984 he earned his degree in Chemistry from New York University, and after a brief teaching career he was employed as the Italian representative of a highly innovative American chemical company.

However his Passion for rugs was found in his childhood, when his father's warehouse was one of his favorite playgrounds.

Soon after graduating from University he decided to join the family business, one of the few wholesale operations devoted uniquely to antique carpets. This enabled him to travel extensively across the world, purchasing antique rugs that would then be sold by his father from their warehouse in Milan and to meet the leading figures responsible for the dynamic market.

As a result of this he became a true 'ruggie', studying them with the same discipline he used when studying chemicals.

Even twenty-five years later he can still feel the same excitement when looking at great antique rugs. It is a never-ending visual and intellectual experience. While on one hand our eye might be jaded by the thousands of mediocre weavings we might encounter on our visual trip, on the other hand we are extremely happy to fly across the world to spend countless hours discussing about the intricate design and sublime colours of a small piece of woven fabric. The fact that we are not alone in what seems like a demential act is what fascinates him most about the rug world.

Alberto Levi presented his first paper at the 6th ICOC in San Francisco in 1990, which was soon published as a main article in Hali, for which he still serves as a Contributing Editor.

In 1997 he opened his gallery and became the President of the Organizing Committee of the 9th ICOC, which took place in Milan, Florence and Venice in 1999.

He has exhibited worldwide and has been invited to lectures in various museums and rug societies.

Alberto Levi is happily married and has a 1 year old son, Solomon, who is already showing some serious interest in the field.

Alberto Levi lives and works in Milan.