Curriculum Vitae


  • Consultant for museums, auction houses and private collectors
  • Gallery owner
  • Initiates international exhibition partnerships
  • Regular participation in art and textile trade fairs
  • In collaboration with international private collectors, museums and interior decorators
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We would like to introduce you to Gebhart Blazek, Auctionata expert in Carpets & Textiles.

With almost two years of field research in Morocco, numerous publications in specialist magazines, books and international conferences and a consultant role for museums, auction houses and private collectors, the dedication of Gebhart Blazek goes far beyond the art trade. Apart from regular theme exhibitions in his gallery, the production of several catalogues, and various international exhibition cooperations, Blazek participates in the most important art and textile trade fairs (including San Francisco, New York, Munich, London, Milan and two antique trade fairs in Vienna). Finding the most historically significant and artistically valuable creations of the Berber women in Morocco is the focus and special area of the expert. He was one of the first traders to recognise the aesthetic and cultural relevance of the charmingly shrill Boucherouite carpets, in which Moroccan weavers recycle used textiles, nylon and Lurex in an unusually imaginative way.

The carpet expert also has a passion for rare treasures and extraordinary products from different cultures. He offers a rich selection of nomadic carpets from regions of origin such as Anatolia, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Persia or Tibet. Prize-winning designer collections by Jan Kath have also been part of the gallery programme since 2008. Kath and Blazek share the enthusiasm for unusual designs, combined with a deep respect for the producers on location. The expressive carpets are produced in Nepal and Morocco, under certified fair trade conditions, using the best quality craftsmanship. In cooperation with the tribal art and furniture specialist Udo Gangl, a regular exhibition of high-quality pieces is shown, which alternates with specific theme exhibitions. The gallery, which dedicates a 300m² exhibition space to the appreciation of textile art, specialises in cooperation with international private collectors, museums and interior designers, in the search for unusual objects.

Gebhart Blazek lives and works in Graz.