Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 25 years of experience as a collector, trader and enthusiastic fan of the ninth art
  • Co-owner of the second largest comic store in Germany Comicmafia
  • Member of the pricing board for the Comic Price Catalogue (Hethke/Polland)
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We would like to introduce you to Marco Heuberg, Auctionata expert in German Comics 20th and 21st century.

Marco Heuberg's passion for comics began when he was a little boy. During his studies in sports and politics, he worked as a freelance journalist. After completing his degree, he turned back to his passion and made a career out of the intensive hobby. Since 1995, Marco Heuberg has been a full-time comic and graphic novel trader in his shop Comicmafia in Bremen. The Comicmafia covers marginal areas such as collector card albums, music magazines, quartets, picture books and old adverts. Over the years, he has expanded his expertise from comics of the 20th and 21st century to posters, banners, pins and comic book inserts. Due to regular attendance at countless specialist trade fairs, such as Intercomic in Cologne, or Comicsalon in Erlangen, he has built up his specialist knowledge and continually expanded his network.

Marco Heuberg writes for the annual market report of the comic price catalogue (Hethke / Polland).

Privately, Marco Heuberg passionately collects valuable and particularly rare comic editions. He is a big fan of the works of Enki Bilal, Hergé, Carl Barks and many other highly talented illustrators.

Marco Heuberg lives and works in Bremen.