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  • Contemporary Art & Photography
  • Asian Art
  • Applied Arts, Art Nouveau, Historicism

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Klaus-Dieter Müller
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Studied art history and Chinese studies in Hamburg and Taiwan
  • He worked since 1981 as independent art dealer and collection consultant
  • Works since 2013 as an art appraiser
  • Gave courses on painting classification and worked for the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum for Art and Trade) in Hamburg
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Auctionata Expert | Hermann-Löns-Weg 3
21407 Deutsch Evern

We would like to introduce you to Klaus-Dieter Müller, Auctionata expert in Paintings, Drawings & Prints 19th - 20th century, as well as Applied Arts, Art Nouveau, Historicism and additionally Asian Art.

Klaus-Dieter Müllers interest for exceptional objects was trigged at an early age by his mother who regularly took part in archaeological excavations where she was often accompanied by her son. This is where the expert came first into contact with antiquities and their correct handling. The discovery of an exceptional antique spear head was ultimately the trigger for his longstanding passion for antiquities. Later, the expert studied art history and sinology in Hamburg and Taiwan.

His passion for antique art objects led him to numerous restoration workshops, archives and depots. Here, the expert occupied himself intensively with a vast variety of objects and thereby greatly advanced his expert knowledge.

Since 1981, Klaus-Dieter Müller was the owner of the company “Kunsthandel und Art Consulting” (Art Trade and Consulting) and worked as an art consultant for collectors. Klaus-Dieter Müller works since  october 2013 as an art appraiser.

In the past, the expert has given courses in painting classification and worked for the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum for Art and Trade) in Hamburg. There, he was actively involved in the creation of an installation, which war part of the exhibition “Das Wasser in der Kunst Ostasiens” (The role of water in the art of East Asia).

The expert lives and works in Berlin and in Deutsch Evern.