Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 50 years's experience collecting and dealing
  • Collected over 200 Long rifles from all periods
  • Rifle maker, restorer, and conservator
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We would like to introduce you to Steve McLachlin, Auctionata expert in Antique American Firearms.

Antique arms seemed to be at hand in Steve McLachlin’s Missouri childhood, everywhere from antique stores to farm auctions. This early exposure spurred his interest. He read about their development and history and collected avidly, building several collections along the way. Today, he has over fifty years’ experience collecting and dealing in antique American firearms.

The American Civil War brought significant change to the field. Factories such as Colt, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Savage etc. produced inventive models to arm the Union, contributing to the Industrial Revolution. The surplus of firearms from this period armed most subsequent European conflicts and fueled the nascent American collectors’ market.

Steve has amassed a collection of more than 200 Long rifles from all periods and by many makers. His respect for the craftsmanship led him to become a rifle maker as well as a restorer/conservator.

A few examples from his prized collection include: a Long rifle by John Meals from the early 1800s; an 1825 flintlock Tennessee rifle; and an 1836 Colt Revolver Patterson model from the era when Texas was a Republic - one of the most sought-after colts. These are the type of pieces which drive the market for collecting firearms today.

Steve McLachlin lives and works in Florida.