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  • More than three decades in antique clocks business
  • Expert for insurance companies, courts and private collections
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Bernd Schmoller, Auctionata expert in Antique Clocks.

For more than forty years, Bernd Schmoller has been dealing with antique clocks. 

More than three decades of this have been in his shop Antike Uhren Hamburg [Antique clocks Hamburg], a well-known address for collectors in Germany and abroad.

He discovered his passion for large and small timekeepers early on, as a student flea market trader, and then later on at clock fairs, trade fairs and exhibitions.

Apart from purely timekeeping, he is also fascinated by the stories and historical backgrounds.

After graduating school in Hamburg, he studied sinology and took his doctorate with a work on legal cases from the time of the Song dynasty in the Chinese empire.

After that he worked in the Hamburger Völkerkunde Museum [Museum of ethnology, Hamburg] in the area of Asian clocks.

This was followed by a long period as a self-employed clock trader and expert for insurance companies, courts and private collectors.

His enthusiasm for clocks, which in Schmoller's eyes were always more than purely timekeepers, is unabated even today.

And there are still new and interesting things for the experienced specialist to learn and discover, in the area of timekeeping.

Dr. Bernd Schmoller lives and works in Hamburg.

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