Curriculum Vitae


  • Longstanding collector of luxury lighters, especially of the brand Dunhill
  • Co-founder of LCGB (Lighter Club of Great Britain)
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We would like to introduce you to Kim Peter Erichsen, Auctionata expert in Petrol Lighters 1920 - 1970.

Kim Peter Erichsen discovered his interest in lighters from exclusive brands at a young age. As time went by he became a passionate collector. He is especially fascinated by gasoline lighters from the 1920s to 1970s, as well as the exquisite pieces by Dunhill. 

As countless lighters have passed through the expert’s hands during his 35 years as a collector, he does not only possess an unmistakable sense for detecting forgeries, but also for identifying the special characteristics of different manufactures. Mr Erichsen has a wide-ranging expertise of all exclusive brands - whether it is gasoline lighters from Dunhill or Cartier, Boucheron or Hermes, Dupont or Ronson,

As co-founder of the LCBG – Lighter Club Great Britian, the expert has access to a global network of contacts to distinguished collectors and clubs, such as the OLTS (On the Lighter Side) in the US and FUF (Funken und Flamme - Sparks and Flames) in Switzerland. Kim Peter Erichsen has extended knowledge about the current international market due to his ongoing exchanges with other collectors and clubs.

Kim Peter Erichsen lives and works in Berlin and Brasil.