Curriculum Vitae


  • Worked with one of the leading antiquities dealers in London
  • Expertise in Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities
  • Handled the collection of Sir Daniel Donohue
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We would like to introduce you to Harriet Wheeler, Auctionata expert in Asian Art, Tribal Art & Antiquities, Greek & Roman Antiquities as well as Antique Coins.

Having completed her studies in ancient history, Harriet Wheeler spent five years working within the UK antiquities market, trading from across the length and breadth of the ancient world before relocating to Buenos Aires.

She was exposed to the largest and most diverse group of ancient artifacts available on the open market by working alongside and closely with industry leaders. Whether it be ancient coins of Alexander the Great, Roman oil lamps, exquisite bronze sculptures or southern Italic ceramics, you name it, Harriet has seen it!

Her areas of expertise include ancient Greek and Roman (including Etruscan) antiquities and Greek and Roman gold and silver coins. Within these genres she saw most often Greek ceramics and Roman pottery and objects in bronze, gold and silver. During her time working within the London antiquities market Harriet appraised objects on a daily basis, whether it be from visual media or after making a physical examination, at times calling upon the expertise of her extensive list of industry contacts. She handled many important objects and collections, including the extensive collection of Sir Daniel Donohue, and travelled widely both within the UK and abroad to view and appraise collections. Harriet has also developed a ready eye for spotting fakes, which unfortunately do occasionally find their way onto the market.

Of all the objects Harriet has handled, she would definitely say that ancient coins are among her favorite objects of antiquity. She even has her own personal collection of Roman coins.

Harriet Wheeler lives and works in Buenos Aires.