Curriculum Vitae


  • Several years of experience working for the numismatic cabinet of the national museums in Berlin
  • Curation of the archaeological collection for the Agia Napa museum in Cyprus
  • Led a diverse range of research excavations in the German-speaking and European area
  • Dissertation on the topic “Investigation into the structure of Chalcolithic burials in Southeastern Europe”
  • Member of the Numismatic Society of Berlin e.V. (Numismatischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin e.V.)
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We would like to introduce you to Sven Brummack, Auctionata expert in Antique coins and Archaeology.

Sven Brummack discovered his fascination with ancient relics at the beginning of his academic career. For him, it was the natural next step to put his scientific focus on the researching ancient cultures. 

By studying prehistoric and classic archeology, the expert has a profound and diversified knowledge of this subject area. Alongside his excellent expertise of pre-history and classic archeology, Sven Brummack decided to focus on antique coins in particular. The expert handled countless antique coins while working for the numismatic cabinet of national museums in Berlin and the creation of the interactive online catalogue. As a result he does not only have a wealth of experience but also possesses a finely tuned sense for detecting forged antique coins and objects.

In Cyprus he was entrusted with curating the archeological collection of the Agia Napa museum. Alongside the description and presentation of the Makkarios III. collection, he was also responsible for filling the gaps in the collection and acquiring the corresponding objects to do so.

Based on his expertise in the area of antiques, Sven Brummack often advises and consults for various auction houses such as for example Gorny & Mosch and Dr. Busso Peus in Munich.

The expert has a particular passion for archeology. Not only did he put his focus on this topic regarding his research activity, but also led archeological excavations on a regular basis. They took him on a journey from Germany to the Balkans, Russia and the Mediterranean.

Sven Brummack lives and works in Potsdam.