Curriculum Vitae


  • Owner of an advertising firm
  • Professional advertising and travel photographer
  • Publications on the history of photography
  • For some years the only publicly appointed and sworn expert on 19th century photography in Germany
  • Member of German “Club Daguerre“, Dutch union “Fotografica“ and American “Daguerreian Society“
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Auctionata Expert | Karlstraße 61a
64258 Darmstadt

We would like to introduce you to Uwe Wasserthal, Auctionata expert in 19th and 20th century Photography.

As owner of an advertising agency and through related work as an advertising and travel photographer, Uwe Wasserthal soon came to explore the roots of photography. Over a period of more than 30 years, he has compiled a large collection of early originals and published expert articles on the history of photography. Today, he holds several lecturing positions, gives presentations and organises workshops, which focus on the working methods of early photographers and their relationship to modern digital photography.

For several years, he has held the position as Germany’s only publicly appointed and sworn expert in 19th and 20th century photography. In this capacity, he draws on his experience in appraising for collectors, museums, insurance providers and courts. Mr. Wasserthal’s private specialised library of nearly 1,000 books on early photography provides a valuable resource for research and is constantly being expanded. Memberships of the German "Club Daguerre", the Dutch "Fotografica" association and the American "Daguerreian Society" keep him up to date on the latest research and also provide an extensive network of experts, collectors, museums and auctioneers.

His work as a photography historian and expert frequently leads him to discover spectacular ‘treasures’. Recently, an attic clearance unexpectedly led to the discovery of a major photographer’s legacy worth a six-figure sum. Mr. Wasserthal is certain that there are many other such hidden treasures to be found, and hopes to be involved in further discoveries in the future.

Uwe Wasserthal lives and works in Darmstadt.