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  • Golf Memorabilia
Christoph Meister
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  • Degree in Business and Economics at the London School of Economics & Political Science (L.S.E.)
  • Has been researching the history of golf, particularly in Germany and Continental Europe since 1991, and already has numerous publications on this subject
  • Member of the European Association of Golf Historians & Collectors, the British Golf Collectors Society, the Golf Collectors Society (U.S.A.), the Danish Golf Historical Society and the Swedish Golf Historical Society.
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We would like to introduce you to Christoph Meister, Auctionata expert in Golf Memorabilia.

Christoph Meister started playing golf during his studies in England in 1989. His parents and grandparents introduced him to the sport. He quickly developed an interest in the history of golf. Almost at the same time, he started to feel the need to occupy himself with the culture of remembrance of golf: gold memorabilia - this area encompasses everything that is seen as worth collecting and keeping for golfers or followers of golf, e.g. antique golf balls, golf clubs, golf books, golf prizes and golf silver, gold pictures, golf art, golf ceramics and scorecards.

Of course, the expert plays golf himself, but since 2007 it has only been with golf clubs with a wooden shaft, which were manufactured before 1935. As he has already put together sets of clubs for many like-minded people at home and abroad, he deals with the subject matter on a regular basis. As the author and co-author of various articles and books, Christoph Meier has acquired a vast knowledge on the subject. Most recently, his book about the 75 year anniversary of the European Golf Association in Lausanne was published in October 2012.

During the last years, Christoph Meister had the opportunity to give an expert opinion on numerous private collections, and also valuable individual pieces from the area of golf memorabilia. In this way, the expert has extensive knowledge about the domestic and foreign market prices of golf memorabilia and is therefore well acquainted with the valuation of these types of objects.

As the former president of the European Association of Golf Historians & Collectors (EAGHC) and a member of numerous associations of collectors and golf historians in Great Britain, the USA, Sweden and Denmark, he is at home in the world of golf collectors.

Christoph Meister lives and works in Hamburg.