Curriculum Vitae


  • Studied computer sciences
  • In-depth autodidactic field knowledge due to comprehensive studies
  • Member of various national and international collectors’ associations for over 20 years
  • Access to an international network of specialists from around the world
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We would like to introduce you to Hubertus Siegert, Auctionata expert in 20th century German Vintage Cameras and Miniature Cameras.

Hubertus Siegert’s interest in photography began at an early age. His desire to capture a moment was soon replaced by a fascination for the camera as a technical device. Whilst studying for his degree in computer science, he was gripped by a passion for collecting, which led him to discover a love of these technical masterpieces. He was inspired by the detail of the craftsmanship involved and the various models created by different camera manufacturers.

Entirely self-taught, Mr. Siegert acquired profound and comprehensive expert knowledge by meticulously researching and investigating each item. He has been a member of various national and international collectors’ associations for over 20 years. He has made a name for himself through his exhaustive knowledge of German camera manufacturers and miniature cameras, with a particular focus on 20th–century models.

As well as regularly visiting museums, markets and collections, any true camera fanatic is also well acquainted with standard and specialist literature. Mr. Siegert’s private specialist library was compiled over many years and is continually expanding, making it a very valuable resource. Mr. Siegert is also able to call on a network of specialists from all around the world for any area of specific detail. Other important groundwork in the area includes a thorough exploration of materials and their properties, as well as an understanding of physical interactions.

This close relationship with the market ensures a thorough knowledge of the rarity of photographic items and thus their individual prices. First-hand experience with devices and accessories is also a highly beneficial by-product that is very useful in valuation and/or historical appraisal. Mr. Siegert’s experience enables him to develop trusting relationships with customers and assist them in the auction process.

Mr. Siegert’s great passion began with one camera: the Werra, produced by Kombinat Carl Zeiss Jena. And to this day, he believes it to be the perfect combination of design, functionality and optical precision.

Hubertus Siegert lives and works in Wiesbaden.