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  • Glazier Trade, Picture Framing, Glass Finishing
  • Non Museum Paintings and Prints 19th & 20th C.

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Hans Zech
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Manager of Bubenik Gallery
  • Sworn appraiser and auctioneer
  • Curator for the museums of Ingolstadt
  • Active in reviewing notable 20th century art collections for courts and private clients
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Auctionata Expert | Schlazingergasse 3
85049 Ingolstadt

We would like to introduce you to Hans Zech, Auctionata expert in Glazier Trade, Picture Framing, Glass Finishing as well as Non Museum Paintings and Prints 19th & 20th century.

Hans Zech was actively involved in the worldwide art trade, during his role as manager of the Galerie Bubenik, and managed international art sales to large museums, companies and cities. In 1981 he completed his auctioneer examination with the additional qualification for property rights and rights equivalent to real property before the chamber of industry and commerce in Munich, and from then on worked as a certified auctioneer. In 1999 this qualification was followed by accreditation as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for non museum painting and graphics of the late 19th century and the whole of the 20th century. He is the only publicly appointed and sworn expert in this field in Germany. Furthermore Mr Zech is a sworn expert in the area of the glazier trade with picture framing and glass finishing. The examination to become a publicly appointed and sworn expert in this area was carried out in 1999 by the chamber of trade, Munich.

In the past, Hans Zech carried out crucial authenticity certifications for the state office of criminal investigation in Bavaria, as an arbitrator. He also used his qualifications in the area of art to compile numerous expert reports for regional courts and county courts in Germany.

Hans Zech created groundbreaking expert opinions for financial authorities, regarding the question of recognising computer art as an independent artistic style. His expert knowledge was in demand for the refinement of important art collections of the 20th century and for courts and private persons. Here his judgement was significantly called upon to determine the authenticity and value.

Hans Zech works as the curator of the museums of the city of Ingolstadt. This includes a total of eight museums. Amongst others the "Museum für Konkrete Kunst" [Museum for Concrete Art] and the "Stadtmuseum" [City Museum].

In the past few years he initialised and curated exhibitions by national and regional artists. Apart from his curatory role, he is still sought after as an expert and valuer in his areas of expertise.

Hans Zech lives and works in Ingolstadt.