Curriculum Vitae


  • World renowned expert on antique Staunton and other chess sets
  • Collector, Historian, International Chess Master
  • Founder of The House of Staunton in Alabama
  • Authoring book on the history of Staunton chessmen and their predecessors
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We would like to introduce you to Frank A. Camaratta, Auctionata expert in Antique Chess Sets.

Frank Camaratta is the internationally recognised expert in antique Staunton and other chess sets. He has been a serious collector and researcher of antique playing chess sets, their design and history, since 1986. This research, which began in 1989, was centered on Jaques and other Staunton chessmen, and soon extended to pre-Staunton sets.

He is also a serious chess tournament player, national title-holder, international chess master, collector and historian, with a broad educational and professional background. He purchases and sells chess collections, both large and small, and has provided many appraisal and research services. Mr. Camaratta has also brokered the sale of several large collections in the United States and around the world. In 1990, he founded The House of Staunton, offering the finest manufactured and antique chess equipment.

Mr. Camaratta has written several articles and given numerous lectures on the subject of Staunton chessmen. His research includes categorising the various Staunton designs and their evolution, beginning with their introduction in September 1849. He has helped thousands to uncover fraud, which is so prevalent in these antique chessmen. He is currently working on his latest book, ‘The Staunton Chessmen and Their Predecessors’, which includes a detailed history of Staunton chessmen, particularly those of Jaques of London, as well as their contemporary competitors. 

His favourite – and most significant – historical find is a partial set of Wedgwood Carrara Chessmen and their Carton-Pierre box from 1849. It is the only known example of Jaques Wedgwood Carrara chessmen.

Frank A. Camaratta lives and works in Alabama.