Curriculum Vitae


  • Expert for antique jewelry and silver in the German TV show “Kunst und Krempel“ („Art and Stuff“) since 1993
  • Head of the department for arts and craft and history of the Electoral Palatinate and Baden at the Palatinate Museum of the City of Heidelberg until 2007
  • Free member of the Palace Department in Wörlitz, Anhalt
  • Author of various reference books, such as “Die Diamanten der Queen“ (The Queen's Diamonds“) (2012) and “Schloß und Garten zu Schwetzingen“ (“Castle and Gardens of Schwetzingen“) (2001)
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Carl Ludwig Fuchs, Auctionata Expert in Estate Jewelry and Antique Furniture.

The expert discovered his passion for antique jewelry, silver and antique furniture at an early age. Raised in the residence of his family, he was surrounded by beautiful things and antiques which triggered his passion for arts and crafts at a very young age, thus leading him to study art history.

During his studies, Dr. Fuchs attended various renowned universities in Europe before he settled at the traditional Heidelberg University and dedicated himself to the conferral of a doctorate about the reconstruction of the Schwetzingen Palace, presenting a new method of rebuilding the former electoral summer residence. Subsequently, the administration of the city of Stuttgart awarded the contract and the expert was able to realize the reconstruction of the Schwetzingen Palace in the following years.

Up until 2007, Dr. Carl Ludiwg Fuchs worked as head of the department artistic craftsmanship and history of Baden and Kurpfalz at the Kurpfalz Museum in the City of Heidelberg. He published numerous scientific monographs and articles for professional magazines, such as “Die Diamanten der Queen” (“The Queen's Diamonds”), a well-respected reference book for lovers of fine jewelry, which was published in 2012 in the Gerstenberg publishing house. The expert took on the role of both author and editor.

Dr. Fuchs has regularly appeared on the popular German television show “Kunst und Krempel” (“Art and Stuff”) for over 20 years now, assessing the audiences' jewelry and works of silver. With countless pieces having passed through his hands since 1993, his expertise and extensive market knowledge grew continuously.

As a free member of the Palace Department in Wörlitz, Saxony-Anhalt, the expert regularly participates in the reconstruction of numerous traditional estates. An adequate conservation in favor of preserving the original architecture and furnishings is of great importance to him.

Dr. Carl Ludwig Fuchs lives and works in Dessau.