Curriculum Vitae


  • operator of the online business
  • more than 35 years of professional experience
  • since 1968 radio presenter of more than 1200 radio programmes
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We would like to introduce you to Uwe Lorenz, Auctionata expert in Vinyl Records and CDs.

Although Uwe Lorenz comes from a non-musical family, he started to make a profession out of his passion for the round, black discs at the age of 20. His fascination for vinyls started the day his father came home with a number of record singles and played them for young Uwe Lorenz. He used to listen to the record player for days and could not get enough of the fine tunes.

His comprehensive in-depth knowledge, acquired over many years through self-study, has made him one of the most renowned music experts in Northern Germany.

From 1978 to 2002 he worked in the antiquarian record store “Play it again Sam” in Hamburg and created the online presence in 2003.

Mister Lorenz can draw on 35 years of professional experience. As radio presenter, he provides information about music, genres and records to a broad audience since 1968 in more than 1200 radio programmes. Since 2004, the expert hosts the weekly show “Hauptsache Musik” (Essential Music) at the radio stations Radio 700 and Radio RZ1. One of his favourite records is Sammy Davis jr.'sSalutes The Stars of the London Palladium.

The popular music after 1945 is his area of expertise. This includes not only commerical rock and pop music, but also German Schlager music, chansons, soundtracks, world music, jazz and anything “out of the ordinary”.

“The great thing about my profession is that you learn new things every day and there is always something “old” to discover”, says the music expert.

Uwe Lorenz lives and works in Hamburg.