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  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art

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Dr. Reinhard A. Schöpe
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Studied psychology, mathematics, electrical engineering, philosophy, ethnology and African studies
  • Collector of modern and contemporary Chinese paintings
  • Access to a valuable network of artists and collectors
  • Sought-after for his knowledge of Chinese contemporary art and curator
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Reinhard A. Schöpe, Auctionata expert in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art.

Following his studies in psychology, mathematics, electrical engineering, philosophy, ethnology and African studies, Dr. Reinhard A. Schöpe focused his academic research on the areas of psychophysics and perception psychology and, as of the mid-1980s, on the psychology of art.

He already began collecting Informel paintings in his youth and, over the decades, developed an infallible eye for artistic signatures. It was only a small step from Informel to Chinese ink-wash painting, and it was here that he recognised the real source of what we call abstraction in the West.

At the end of the 1980s, the focus of his collection and field of interest consequently fell on modern and contemporary Chinese painting. Since then, he has travelled several times a year to the strongholds of Chinese art – Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou – and has established an important network of artists and collectors. Over the years, he has therefore become a sought-after expert in contemporary Chinese art, from ink-wash and oil paintings to photography, sculpture, new media and conceptual art.

He curates exhibitions in that field and regularly visits the studios of Chinese artists.

Dr. Reinhard A. Schöpe lives and works in Berlin.