Curriculum Vitae


  • Specializes in Berlin Iron, Cut Steel, Georgian Jewelry and Victorian Jewelry
  • Collector of American Folk Art, Native American Art, and Depression Era photography
  • Owner of Glorious Antique Jewelry
  • Exhibits at numerous fairs in the US
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We would like to introduce you to Gloria Karp, Auctionata expert in Jewellery, Watches & Silver as well as 18th century to 1960 Jewellery.

Gloria Karp’s connection to antique jewellery began in the 1980‘s when working at expositions of American Folk Art in which dealers’ booths included small cases of jewellery. Those dealers were her first source of knowledge.  

At the time, the expert was studying Native American art and jewellery, and Depression Era portrait photography. Exposure to these visual art forms trained her eye for determining good, better and best. 
These art genres fed her passion to understand the work, life and history of people from previous eras. Jewellery history fulfills the same passion. Art objects do not exist in a vacuum, but rather evolve from social conditions, history, the operation of societies, war, fashion and the availability of materials.

Gloria Karp now operates Glorious Antique Jewelry which can be viewed on the internet. She exhibits at shows in New York City. She is an expert in jewels from the early 18th century through the 1960s. Most pieces in her collection are historic and individual.  Berlin Iron, Cut Steel, Georgian Jewellery and Victorian Jewellery are her specialties. She is known for offering jewels in fine, original condition and of unique character. Selections from her collection are represented in the collections of major museums. 

Gloria Karp lives and works in New York.