Curriculum Vitae


  • Owner of Mayfair Diamonds jewelry consultancy
  • Former Director of Sotheby’s International Jewelry Department
  • Former Head of UK Jewelry Sales for Sotheby’s London
  • Expert Appraiser of the Imelda Marcos Jewelry Collection in Manila
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We would like to introduce you to Jonty Condrup F.D.A D.G.A, Auctionata Expert in Jewelry, Diamonds & Pearls, Colored Gemstones and Watches.

Career Beginnings:

Jonty began his career in 1982, as an expert cataloguer for Phillip’s London. After three years, he transitioned to a position as Business Developer & Expert Valuer for Sotheby’s. In the meantime, Jonty also completed his qualifications as a Fellow of the Gemmological Association (F.G.A.), and subsequently obtained his fellowship Diamond Diploma (D.G.A.) in addition to graduating from the G.I.A. Diamond Grading Course in New York.

Director at Sotheby’s:

Later, in 1989, Jonty was named the youngest ever Deputy Director at Sotheby’s, London, and was qualified as an auctioneer only two years later. Jonty then moved to Amsterdam, where he was the Head of the Jewelry Department, and, in 1994, he returned to London as the Director of the International Jewelry Department, and later as the Head of UK Jewelry Sales. During his tenure at Sotheby’s, one of his career highlights was being chosen as the Expert Appraiser of Imelda Marcos’ jewelry collection in Manila.

Consultant & Appraiser:

After a decade of experience at Sotheby’s, Jonty set out on his own to pursue his long held ambition of establishing a private consultancy. He has since been the proprietor of Mayfair Diamonds, an advisory specializing in assisting private clients, insurance brokers, as well as notable jewelry retailers with the sourcing and sale of jewelry and precious stones.

Jonty Condrup lives and works in London.