Curriculum Vitae


  • Collector, appraiser, scholar, and conservator
  • Specializes in Japanese hanging scrolls and tea accessories
  • Owner of Shippodo gallery in San Francisco offering Japanese antiques
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Ryosuke Ueda is the founder and owner of Shippodo, a Japanese Antiques shop specializing in Japanese hanging scrolls and tea accoutrements. He also conducts independent research and valuations for individuals who own Japanese paintings. Mr Ueda is experienced in advising clients on the conservation and care of Japanese paintings and providing detailed research on Japanese paintings utilizing academic sources and past experience.

Currently, the traditional visual arts of Japan are being endangered due to various factors ranging from the economy to the interests and modern lifestyle of the Japanese. Mr Ueda hopes to revive and spread the traditional aesthetics and value of antique Japanese paintings so that more individuals will be able to pass down these traditions to future generations. 

He gained his experience in Japanese art from his parents who are Buddhist priests. Being exposed to traditional Japanese arts and crafts from an early age, Mr Ueda learned about issues that occur with Japanese art when placed in different environments and the natural damages that occur over time.

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A unique work of Japanese Art

The day began with a few scrolls that were acquired in Japan. Normally the routine would be opening the box, observing the box inscriptions and any attached documents, then hang the scroll to observe the painting and determine whether the work was done by the artist or not.

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