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  • Bronze Sculpture 19th – 20th C.

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Steve Newman
Call for free+49 30 9832 0222 Mon to Fri
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Collector of bronze sculptures since the 1970s
  • Specializes in sculpture by well-known American and European Sculptors
  • Exhibits at various fairs in the United States
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We would like to introduce you to Steve Newman, Auctionata expert in Bronze Sculpture 19th – 20th century.

Steve Newman began buying bronze sculptures in 1970, when they were priced by the inch! An autodidact, he read every book available on bronzes and sculpture, choosing the most notable European and American sculptors to collect at auctions, fairs, and galleries. Through the decades, Mr. Newman has become a well-respected expert in the field of bronze, frequently being consulted by the major auctions houses.

Steve's favorite sculptors are Rodin, Saint-Goudens, Paul Manship, Bayre, and Carpeaux. His gallery,Steve Newman Fine Arts, has recently expanded to include modern art, ceramics, and art glass.

He recently purchased a bronze "Cupid on Tortoise Fountain" from a New England estate which turned out to be one of only two known examples of the piece made by American sculptor, Janet Scudder, this one being crafted in Paris for a Salon in 1908 (the other being in a public garden in Brooklyn, NY). 

Steve Newman lives and works in Atlanta.