Curriculum Vitae


  • Trained in hand-weaving at the arts and crafts college of Graz
  • Art director for well-known leather product manufacturer Robert Horn
  • Founder of one of the first vintage stores in Vienna
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We would like to introduce you to Carlotta von Bach, Auctionata expert in Miscellaneous as well as Vintage Fashion & Accessories after 1940.

In the 1980s, Carlotta von Bach studied hand weaving at the School of Applied Arts in Graz, Austria and initially spent a decade as a freelance artist in this rare profession. She then spent many years as the artistic director for the renowned producer of leather goods, Robert Horn in Vienna.

Ms von Bach first came into contact with vintage fashion as a young girl who started giving away her grandmother’s beautiful belongings without much thought, something she still regrets to this day. Every quality fashion item or bag of hers from recent generations has been revered and esteemed by her ever since.

During numerous stays in the UK, Ms von Bach discovered a business that was not yet very common in Vienna. She then opened one of the first vintage stores in Vienna and now feels she has really arrived in her business life. One thing she loves about vintage fashion is the ecological and sustainability aspect, another is her strong belief that women should not feel subjected to the most recent fashion rules set forth by the major brands. And, above all, the quality of the artisanal work that vintage fashion has to offer.

Carlotta von Bach lives and works in Vienna.