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Vienna and Zurich

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  • Antique Dolls & Accessories
  • Steiff Teddy Bears & Animals
  • Dresden Paper

My recommendations 10 (Expert rank 7)

Ursel Alber
Call for free+49 30 9832 0222 Mon to Fri
9am – 6pm CET

Curriculum Vitae


  • By the age of 21, Ursel Alber was already managing director of the “Züricher Puppenklinik” doll hospital in Switzerland
  • Intensive involvement during the development of the Steiff price databases
  • Founded the Toy Exchange in Zurich
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We would like to introduce you to Ursel Alber, Auctionata expert in Antique Dolls & Accessories, Steiff Teddy Bears & Animals and Dresden Paper.

Ursel Alber's credo is to “communicate the joy of life“, a philosophy she spreads through the toys of the past. At the age of 16, Ursel Alber entered the family business—the “Züricher Puppenklinik” doll hospital—and took over its management after completing her apprenticeship at the age of 21.

At least 20,000 dolls are verified to have passed through her hands, and are detailed in her extensive database.

Ms. Alber also has a fondness for fine animal figures and Steiff teddy bears.  Her first purchase, a little monkey (purchased for 1 Swiss franc) is still in her possession, and forms part of an illustrious group of rarities.

Ms. Alber is a well-known member of the antique toy scene, has contributed to the compilation of Steiff price databases, and has established an important vintage toy exchange in Zurich. Her expertise can be summarized by the phrase "toys for girls" - from the dollhouse to the Steiff kitten, she knows all there is to know about these sources of joy and nostalgia.

Ursel Alber lives and works in Vienna and Zurich.