Curriculum Vitae


  • His family has been inextricably linked to the Viennese art trade for 3 generations
  • Runs Europe’s leading platform for “International Contemporary Glass Art”
  • Represents well-known artists exclusively on the European market
  • In-depth knowledge founded on more than 20 years of experience in the art trade
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We would like to introduce you to André Sikabonyi, Auctionata expert in Post-war Glass Art.

The Sikabonyi family has been an integral part of the Viennese art trade for three generations specializing, among other things, in Art Nouveau glass. This line of business also cast its spell over André Sikabonyi, who majored in geology due to his interest in natural materials. He particularly loves objects made of glass.

During his studies he began to acquire a personal collection of modern glass objects. Nowadays, he operates Europe's leading platform for International Contemporary Art Glass, a database where over 3,000 glass artists are listed. Many of them he has personally "discovered", establishing their recognition and exclusively representing them in the European market.

With over 20 years experience in the art trade and an intensive focus on the medium of glass, André Sikabonyi is acknowledged to be an accomplished expert in his field. His specialty is in post-war art glass, ranging from the colourful Murano glassware of the 1950s to the innovative one-of-a-kind pieces of the modern era. 

André Sikabonyi lives and works in Vienna.