Marc Wegner

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  • Vintage Posters (pre 1970)
  • Historical Packaging and Advertising
  • Toy Collectibles
Marc Wegner
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Academic study of historical placards from the origins of modern advertisement
  • Uniquely specialized knowledge based on more than 30 years experience as a collector
  • In-depth knowledge of prices and rarities
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We would like to introduce you to Marc Wegner, Auctionata expert in Vintage Posters (pre 1970), Historical Packaging and Advertising as well as Toy Collectibles.

Finding a vintage tin box for cigarillos in grandma's attic as an 11-year old boy was the moment that young Marc Wegner discovered he had collectors' blood running through his veins. Despite his conventional education, studying in England and Berlin, and a promising career with the publishing houses Reclam and Taschen, Mr Wegner's passion has always been historical advertising as well as unusual objects from the world of Toy Collectibles.

In his dissertation, Mr Wegner examined exclusively the packaging of the German cigarette industry in the early 20th century. Besides the art of packaging, it is the poster, as the first form of modern advertising that is at the heart of Mr Wegner's interest. Additionally, rare objects such as curious toy automats kindle the experts heart.
More than 30 years of actively collecting have resulted in not just an accumulation of rare items, but also in a unique specialized expertise. His proximity to the market, as a constant collector and searcher, has naturally led to building up profound knowledge about prices and rarity.

Marc Wegner lives and works in Berlin.

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