Curriculum Vitae


  • 20 years of experience in the areas of restoration, furniture making and monument preservation
  • Certified restorer in artisan crafts
  • Head of the workshop for art and antique furniture restoration in Berlin
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We would like to introduce you to Boris Kabanadze, Auctionata expert in European Furniture 18th and 19th century as well as Russian Empire 19th century.

Mr Kabanadze learned his trade as a German Russian in Moscow museums. 

There, he was taught how to restore old and dilapidated pieces of furniture, using gentle and traditional methods. As an expert in his field, a cabinetmaker and restorer, he worked on the furniture and pictures with precise handiwork. 
Boris Kabanadze is a certified restorer with an own seal. He has been working in the restoration business for 20 years. His services primarily include conservation and restoration of historical objects, pieces of furniture and wooden objects. Mr Kabanadze uses traditional methods - e.g. quick varnish or beeswax polish. 
As the head of a restoration workshop in Berlin, Mr Kabanadze offers restoration for architectural monument conservation, restoration and renovation of wall panels, wainscots, stairs and doors. Together with his dedicated team, Mr Kabanadze offers picture restoration, gold plating, polishing, basket-work, artistic carving and upholstery (primarily traditional upholstery with belts and horse hair), amongst other things. 
His workshop has longstanding experience in the area of restoring antique furniture, and interior design, based on historical working methods, and current knowledge of modern restoration technology. The workshop of Mr Kabanadze has customers from all the regions of Germany. The customers bring their old pieces of furniture, in the hope that he can breathe new life into them.  
His area of expertise covers independent cost estimates and expert reports.
Mr Kabanadze has exhibition rooms in Berlin, where you can admire the finished pieces, and of course buy them. His favourite and special area is Biedermeier furniture.
Boris Kabanadze lives and works in Berlin.