Curriculum Vitae


  • Degree in East Asian art history and Japanese Studies
  • Extensive travelling to East Asian countries, Japan, China and Korea
  • Owner of the online gallery Kommoss, founded in 2013
  • long-time member of the East Asian Art Association
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We would like to introduce you to Fabian Kommoß, Auctionata expert in East Asian Art, Japanese Paintings & Ceramics, and Zen Buddhist Art.

From a young age Fabian A. Kommoß showed an interest in the intellectual history of the cultures and arts of East Asia. His fascination led him to study East Asian art history and Japanese Studies. He also put his interest and knowledge to use by giving guided tours in the Museum for Asian Art in Berlin and by advising collectors of Asian art. He has continuously extended his knowledge on the topic by study trips to East Asian countries including Japan, Korea and China, and has undertaken training in the classical arts of Japan, such as the tea ceremony.  

While studying, Fabian A. Kommoß acquired practical knowledge by beginning his own collection, and therein discovered his desire to make his passion into a profession. In 2013, he founded the online gallery ‘Galerie Kommoss’ which he still directs today. The guiding principle of this virtual gallery is “the art of seeing“: “On the one hand, artistic objects are able to turn perception and perceptibility into the subject of visual debate, on the other hand, an art of life itself can be revealed in which the aim is always to see things as different and new.“

Throughout his career, he has made many discoveries, the most significant of which is a pair of folding screens from 1906. These screens are the work of Japanese painter Mochizuki Gyokkei, and depict a group of cranes on a gold background, which can be seen as a precursor for the murals on the Shōbi-kan building from 1913 due to its handling of motives as well as its composition.

Fabian A. Kommoß is currently working on his PhD on the visibility of the unseen in the Zen Buddhist art of China and Japan. He is also a long-time member of the East Asian Art Association.

Fabian A. Kommoß lives and works in Berlin and Zürich.