Curriculum Vitae


  • Practicing archaeologist (Greece, Ukraine)
  • Museum curator in the United States
  • Expert in ceramics, small scale sculptures, sculptures, classical ancient gold jewelry
  • Collaboration and consultation of private collectors
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We would like to introduce you to Wolf Rudolph, Auctionata expert in Antique Ceramics and Archaeology.

Collecting is a passion, whether art or otherwise. In the early years of Mr. Rudolph’s life mere collecting stood in the foreground, directed towards livelihood – scrap metal, potatoes, later passion was kindled for books, prints and records.

He turned his passion into his profession. Classical archaeology and art history: dealing with numerous artifacts, especially those of the Greek and Roman cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and placing them in their context and giving them an interpretation became the predominant tasks. Also, the field of classical archaeology and introductory art history had to be taught at the university. For the practising archaeologist (Greece, Ukraine) and the museum curator (United States) several fields became of major importance: ceramics, small scale sculpture in bronze, stone and other materials, sculpture and – in large measure – classical ancient gold jewellery. The historic span ranged from the late Neolithic (4th millennium B.C.) up to the Byzantine era of the 14th century AC.
Mr. Rudolph was able to deepen his insights into these cultures enormously through consultation and cooperation with private collectors. The most interesting discussions arose, upon reflection, when the goals of a collector were determined or objects had to be analyzed as to their place within a collection. The same holds for the creation and curation of catalogues.
Wolf Rudolph lives and works in Berlin.