Curriculum Vitae


  • Till Dreier is a specialist in silver
  • Mr. Dreier specializes in Furniture from the 17th to 21st centuries
  • In 1994, he curated his first exhibition of Fine and Decorative artworks
  • He is deeply passionate about Baroque furniture and German Classicism
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We would like to introduce you to Till Dreier, Auctionata Expert in Antique Furniture and 18th and 19th Century Continental Furniture.

Till Dreier is a specialist in furniture from the 17th to 21st centuries. His focus is on German and French furniture, particularly German Classicism, and furniture by famed craftsman, David Roetgen. He also has a deep interest in German paintings (1740-1910).

Mr. Dreier has been fascinated by furniture from a young age, eagerly exploring museums and examining the character of the pieces. Then, in 1994, he curated his first exhibition of fine and decorative art. Since then he has continued his work in decorative arts, with a focus on silver and furniture. He remains continually inspired by the elegance and courtly character of these artworks, which he believes are only enhanced with their age and natural patina.

Till Dreier lives and works in Borgsdorf, Germany.