Curriculum Vitae


  • Specializes in English, Irish, Scottish, and also Scandinavian silver
  • Over 30 years experience as a specialist
  • Owner of one of the largest shops in Scotland for silver, jewelry, and general antiques
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We would like to introduce you to Jeremy Sniders, Auctionata expert in Scandinavian Silver and British (English, Irish, Scottish) Silver.

Jeremy Sniders is an expert in English, Irish, Scottish, and also Scandinavian silver. He has a keen eye, which makes him able to recognize fine quality and intrinsic good design.

Mr. Sniders has travelled extensively in Europe, thus garnering a great deal of knowledge in the process, not only about silver, but also about jewellery, furniture, bronzes, and objects d’art. He currently owns the largest business in the west of Scotland, focusing on silver, jewellery and general antiques.

His enthusiasm for craftsmen is naturally inclined toward the great British silversmiths of the 18th and 19th centuries such as Paul Storr, Paul de Lamerie, John Café, and the Hennells. Mr. Sniders admires the work of Stuart Devlin, Robert Welch, Gerald Benney, and Michael Benstead as modern silversmiths.

Mr. Sniders has extensive knowledge of Scandinavian silversmiths as well, such as the work of Harald Slott-Møller, Peter Hertz and Holger Kyster, Mogens Ballin, Kay Bojesen, Svend Hammershøj, and of course the illustrious Georg Jensen and Hans Hansen workshops.

Jeremy Sniders lives and works in Glasgow.