Curriculum Vitae


  • Specializes in South African colonial and English antique furniture
  • Over 20 years’ experience as an expert
  • Operates two retail shops focusing on European antiques
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We would like to introduce you to Jacques Esterhuizen, Auctionata expert in English Antique Furniture (20th century) and South African Colonial Furniture.

Jacques Esterhuizen’s father was a first generation furniture and antique dealer. Jacques himself specializes in South African colonial furniture, as well as 20th century English antique furniture.

After completing his studies, he entered the family business and developed a deep knowledge both buying and selling local colonial furniture as well as imported English furniture. He currently operates two retail shops in Cape Town focusing on imported European antiques.

Mr. Esterhuizen regularly attends antique auctions offering a wide spectrum of wares. Due to his South African heritage, his main interest is in locally manufactured furniture using indigenous wood.

Art Deco furniture and decorative objects are two things he covets for his private collection. Art Deco cocktail cabinets are his personal favorite.

Jacques Esterhuizen lives and works in South Africa.