Curriculum Vitae


  • Martin Schröder is an expert in the racing history and GP automobiles from the Auto Union AG, which he has studied since 1973
  • He is an automobile historian and a specialist in vintage cars
  • Mr. Schröder is the owner of the company Auto Union 1:8, and the Director of MERCATOR Software GmbH
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We would like to introduce you to Martin Schröder, Auctionata Expert in Classic Cars.

Martin Schröder is an automobile historian and specialist in collectible cars. He is particularly active in the field of car collecting and documentation, origin research, advisory opinions, and the assessment of vehicles according to historical principles. Additionally, he acts as a consultant for those looking to build and/or augment their collections.

In 1973, Martin Schröder began his study of the history of motor racing and the history of GP cars from the Auto Union. Mr. Schröder went on to restore and export the Auto Union’s twelve-cylinder engine model from the GDR in 1979. He is also co-author of the Auto Union’s first racing publication titled, Auto Union: The Big Races (1934-1939), which was first printed in 1979. From 1982 to 1986, Martin Schröder was instrumental in the development and distribution of a limited edition of the FINE ART Auto Union 1:10 Tpe D 1938, one of which is displayed in the Audi museum mobile. Also, in 1999, Mr. Schröder launched another limited edition series of 16-cylinder 1:8 Type C automobiles.

Mr. Schröder remains the proprietor of the Auto Union 1:8 company. He is also the Director of MERCATOR Consulting GmbH.

Martin Schröder lives and works in Hannover